Celebrate the Year of the Rabbit with Angel Chen’s Stunning Design for Johnnie Walker

Business is an embodiment of creativity and innovation. The strength of your innovation lies in how well you are creative in your thoughts. Innovation is never too much or enough because the world and everything about it keeps evolving in nanoseconds and remember, your competitors aren’t sleeping on this.

Our team has come across so many beautiful innovative ideas from different companies but this time Angel Chen’s stunning design for Johnnie Walker’s new year of the Rabbit blew us all away in magnificent awe.

About The Marketing Strategy

Imagine 2 distinct industries coming together to collaborate! What a spectacular marketing strategy indeed! Johnnie Walker, a renowned and remarkable world-venerated whisky from Scotland and Angel Chen, a Chinese world-class fashion designer known for being highly replete with a sense of style and fashion has this time proven to the world of industry that there is magnificent when different unique industries tango.

What is about the collaboration? The alliance is such that John Walker liaised with Angel Chen to create a spectacular limited-edition design for their Year of Rabbit.

Lessons to Learn from Johnnie Walker’s Collaboration with Angel Chen

1.  Brand Promotion and Awareness

You may wonder since Johnnie Walker already has fame, so, why the collaboration? Honestly, fame is relative and is never a standstill. A famous and leading brand today may take the back seat tomorrow. This is because the world is in constant evolution and from the quality of products down to competitors, the struggle is real to leverage others.  Hence, top brands must become even more tactical in their marketing strategies so that they are not displaced.

The collaboration between Johnnie Walker and Angel Chen puts both brands in the spotlight. Angel Chen featuring as the designer for the Noble Johnnie Walker helps her raise the bar above other fashion industries as more brands would be willing to collaborate with her after their wonderful art design with Johnnie Walker. As for Johnnie Walker, collaborating with Angel Chen shows how highly esteemed they revere their customers.

2.   Memorable and Exciting Customers Experience

The design created by Angel Chen for Johnnie Walker’s Year of the Rabbit embodies the perfect scenario for the season. By engraving an inscription of the Zodiac animal for the year 2023, which is a Rabbit, memories are created in the customer’s heart and the excitement is second to none.

Diageo, the parent company of Johnnie Walker has further accentuated customers’ experience with their digital campaign whereby customers are kept abreast with the aura that comes with the Year of the Rabbit season at all phases of their travelling by air even while at their destination.

3.  Increased Sales

Making profits and great sales is an inherent goal of every brand owner. Sales do not come on a platter of gold as there must have been basic things put in place to increase sales and profits.

The collaboration of Johnnie Walker with Angel Chen gives an aesthetic and spectacular effect to the whiskeys such that customers can’t get their eyes off any Johnnie Walker label each time they come across it.

4.  Value Addition

Albeit the several benefits of this promotional strategy, the place of value can not be overemphasized. Collaborating with top-notch brands for your brand helps add value to your brand. This is because the conception customers have about such a brand would easily permeate through your brand and hence gives your brand such respect that is well deserving.

In Total

Make hay while the sun shines by building a powerful brand that can withstand the stronghold of competitors. Ever wondered about the best promotional strategy for your business, don’t you think adopting a collaboration spree like that of Johnnie Walker and Angel Chen can be the panacea to this?

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