Bowmore Remains Exceptional With Its Astounding Limited Edition Strategy – Become Sensational With Your Marketing Strategies!

Ever imagined why brands of decades ago still thrive so well in the market despite the thousands of newbies out there? Ever been puzzled by the ironies of the market system whereby the newbies and startup brands despite the advancement in technology still strive to thrive?

 Recently, our team came across a special limited edition offer by Bowmore in a grocery we visited.  This offer was for its Changeling drink and we must say Bowmore did a great job. From the packaging and designs down to the content of the drink, the beauty of this drink cannot be left unnoticed as it piques the interest of anyone who passes down its aisle.

Bowmore is a pioneering house and the oldest licensed distillery on Islay; with over 240 years and still, to this day, Bowmore keeps unveiling new major global marketing campaigns.

Unveiling The Changeling Rich Story

Subsequently, after the “No Corners to Hide”, a duo of Bowmore’s 23 and 32-year-old whiskies, the brand once again delights its loyal consumers with its newest version, “The Changeling“, which is a duo of its 22-year-old and 33-year-old single malt.

Bowmore collaborated with Scottish graphic and comic book artist Frank Quitely to illustrate the brand story on each whisky 22 and 33 packagings. Quitely, also known as Vincent Patrick Deighan, works with Marvel and other DC titles. Likewise, he was also the artist behind Bowmore’s “No Corner to Hide” artwork.

The Changeling is prepared to evoke the folklore of Islay through taste and design. The latest series is inspired by the folkloric story of a blacksmith who rescued his son from Islay’s ‘Fairy Folk’ after they kidnapped the boy and replaced him with a changeling.

5 Ways Bowmore Ramps Up Sales with its Limited Edition Strategy

Bowmore is indeed the ‘The Art of Time’®. It happens to be one of the world’s pioneers of the best high-end whisky brands. So, let’s discover the secrets behind this limited edition that keeps skyrocketing its sales

1.    Offering Of Incredible Drink Products.

The more years the whisky in the barrel has spent, the more refined its taste, with more remarks to savour. Thus, years of reserving make Bowmore’s whisky 22 and 33 exceptional and remarkable.

Hence, for drink fanatics, these two whiskies are a must-taste. Limited editions would indeed urge customers to taste the drinks’ exceptional flavours.

2.    Limited Edition Product.

The new promotion wouldn’t be unique without the limited product offered. There are only 6,667 bottles of the 22-year-old and just 667 bottles of the 33 are available worldwide. Once the stocks are exhausted, it becomes a farewell because buyers won’t have the chance to taste these whiskies again. Surely, whiskey lovers wouldn’t let this opportunity pass.

3.    Creative Packaging

The basic aim of packaging for so many is to protect the product from damage but for Bowmore, its creative product packaging does more than just mere protection.

The packaging for Bowmore is to pique the interest of customers with its grande artwork of the famous artist Frank Quietly. This is particularly seen in “The Changeling ” story.

4.    Great brand story

Storytelling about the history and foundation of a brand makes the brand look more authentic and original to customers. It ignites emotions within the audience and elicits more patronage from customers.

Thus, Bowmore certainly does a tremendous job of telling its story to its audience. Its whiskies, packaging and graphics strongly represent the brand’s unique history and heritage.

5.    Use Of High-end Bottle Display

The artwork on the bottle says all about the content. The limited edition strategy was able to stand out in stores because of the bottle glorifier display used for the product.

The bottle plinth is also customized with fascinating artwork, making it more striking and adorable. Similarly, mini spotlights are incorporated into the bottle glorifier to accentuate the product.

Our Closing Thoughts,

To become sensational with your marketing strategies, try emulating pioneer brands that still thrive in the market. Pioneer brands like Bowmore are good examples to emulate.

With over 240 years of experience in the industry, Bowmore proves that it is not just a pioneer in producing flavorful drinks but also good at formulating practical marketing strategies.

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