Innovative Design for Timeless Elegance: Frank Gehry’s Hennessy X.O. 150th Anniversary Edition

A famous saying goes, “The eyes eat first.” Thinking about this quote, we understand why whoever created it did. It’s an expression that emphasises the importance of aesthetic visual presentation in how we perceive and enjoy food.

So, drawing an inference from the quote, it’s pretty clear why product design is an integral part of marketing; it’s the first point of contact between the product and potential buyers. Hence, the product design has to be visually pleasing, or else no one will take a second look.

This brings us to Hennessy’s innovative bottle design. Want to know about it? Come with me. To celebrate its 150th anniversary, the French liquor brand created a spectacular bottle design that screams class. The Hennessy X.O. bottle, which expert architect, Frank Gehry designed, showcases a superb mixture of bronze, gold, and glass materials.

This design, inspired by the heart of the Charente River, was created “to bring Hennessy X.O. to life.” Only a look and you can see that, indeed, the product exudes life.

4 Ways Innovative Design Can Skyrocket Your Sales

Go to retail shops, and you’ll see the high competition between brands for customers. This has made standing out from the rest even more crucial. That is where your innovative designs come in. So, how does embracing creativity in your design boost your sales? Let’s find out:

1. Captivating First Impressions

The saying “first impressions matter” holds for product designs too. A unique and captivating design is your products’ first contact with potential customers, especially for startup brands. When customers are drawn to your product from the get-go due to its aesthetic appearance, they’re more likely to buy and even tell others about their discovery.

2. Artistic Collaboration

Collaborations with world-renowned artists, architects, or designers to create beautiful art can make your products special and unique. We saw this innovative design by Frank Gehry. We realised how much the Hennessy X.O. has been turned into a spectacular work of art, adding prestige to the product and making it even more desirable to customers.

3. Visual Storytelling

Storytelling is a potent strategy for forging a deep connection with customers; it humanises a brand and helps people connect with it personally.

A well-designed product tells a story. It could be in pictures or colors. Hennessy’s bottle design doesn’t just tell a story of elegance with its colors; it also tells the story of “the river that borders the city of Cognac.” So, visual storytelling in your design adds a magic touch and excites people about your product.

4.  Social Media Buzz

Just like a child showing off his new toy, customers also want to show off that drink of theirs in a fancy bottle or that product with a design they’ve never seen before. And what could be more beneficial to a brand than customers showcasing their product on social media?

Remember, the more people talk about your product, the more others become interested in trying it out for themselves.


Your bottle design has the potential to take your brand to astronomical heights. Take charge now, bring UCT (ASIA) in and let us transform your brand through creative product design and packaging, world-class marketing strategies, and so much more.

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