Old Pulteney Stands Out From Other Competitors With An In-Store Video Display – Is This Strategy Quite Effective?

The business world is changing fast, and marketing trends are changing even faster. If your reliance on traditional marketing strategies is too much, you may be left behind by competitors who are adopting a digital approach to marketing.

One such digital trend that’s making waves is the use of in-store video displays in place of normal displays. Brands in various industries are embracing the use of these video displays to enhance their customer experience, and successfully promote their brands.

Old Pulteney has a long-standing tradition of using new and creative methods to promote its products. In this blog, we’ll take a look at Old Pulteney’s in-store video display.

Old Pulteney’s Video Display

The whiskey brand’s display has its shelf in gold colour which is a symbol of elegance. And the video exhibits the sea waves which represent the product’s origin. Also, visually appealing lighting was used to effectively showcase the advertised products.

In comparison to other drinks brands competing in the store, Old Pulteney undoubtedly takes the shine.

How To Make The Most Of This Effective Strategy

Building trust and loyalty is key to growing a successful brand. To achieve that, you have to familiarise your customers with your brand. This is why digital and video displays are considered effective marketing strategies.

Here’s how you can maximise the full potential of this strategy just like Old Pulteney. Let’s begin!

●     Invest In Quality

“What is worth doing, is worth doing well,” goes a popular saying. This also applies to your efforts in marketing as regards your displays.

Make sure never to use an in-store display just because you want a change of approach. Ensure your display design is top-quality and can be used for a long time. That way, you can fully enjoy the benefits for years.

●     Tell A Story

Using video storytelling in your display can help your brand become more memorable. It can also help you connect emotionally with your customers, which can result in more customer loyalty.

●     Use Aesthetics

To connect with your customers, you need to get their attention first. And the best way to do that is through aesthetics. What is a good video show on display without attractive shelves or racks?

Always remember that providing perfect visual thrill to your customers will make them willing to check out your products.

●     Ensure Your Video Display Is Unique

Due to the huge competition around, it is possible to see another brand with the same video display as yours. This could be very challenging, especially if they’re strong competitors.

So what do you do to avoid scenarios like this?

Ensure that your video display fixture is made more distinctively and creatively.

In Conclusion,

It is no secret that people are more likely to engage with video content than written ones. This also applies to retail store shoppers.

Hence, you can take advantage of this observation and consider the tips above when you’re planning your POS display.

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