Nestle’s KitKat Impressive Gift With Purchase In Singapore – Durable Towels

When you want to make a list of promotional items to use, towels typically do not come to mind, do they? However, being one of the most useful items around, towels might just be the perfect promotional item for your gift-with-purchase campaign.

Think about it; be it at home, during sporting activities, at the beach, or in restaurants and hotels,  everyone uses a towel. Also, this handy promotional item comes in different sizes, styles, and materials, making it a versatile and popular choice for most brands.

Nestle’s Kit Kat is one such brand.

Kit Kat gave out a branded promotional towel as a gift for every 39 SGD worth of purchase of its products in a recent GWP promotion.

What Makes This Promotional Product An Impressive Gift With Purchase?

We believe that this impressive promotional campaign can encourage you to build a campaign that will help elevate your brand and increase sales. So we’ve come through with 4 impressive things about this promotional product.

1.   Branding

Branded promotional towels are ideal advertising tools. They are important everyday items with a large space that allows you to print your brand logo, design, or message. This makes it a better choice than other smaller promotional products and more suitable for outdoor marketing.

We love how Kit Kat took advantage of this by printing a large Kit Kat logo on its promotional towel, effectively building a strong brand recollection.

2.   Promotional Towels Deliver A Personalized Experience.

The success of a promotional item is measured by its visibility, practicality, and acceptance by the recipients. Therefore, the versatility and daily usage of towels make them ideal promotional items for brands.

As a brand, gifting your customers promotional towels can help them have a fantastic everyday experience from bathing, to the gym and even in hotels. And every time they feel comfort or satisfaction from using your gift, they attribute these pleasant feelings to your brand which in turn translates to brand loyalty.

3.   Quality Products Build Excellent Brand Impression

Usually, your brand perception is directly affected by the quality of the promotional products you give away. When you use cheap, non-practical items, your brand will be seen as such.

This is why we love promotional towels. They’re of high quality and communicate an excellent impression of your brand to customers.

4.   They Offer Partnership Opportunities

Finally, with promotional towels, the possibilities for brand collaborations are indeed huge. You can partner with hotel brands or distribute them in gift shops. This is a proven way to boost your brand’s image and reach.

With your brand logo, the towels will no doubt do the talking for you.

In Conclusion,

Promotional towels are an excellent tool for spreading the word about your brand. And like Kit Kat, you can adopt the use of POS displays to showcase them.

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