Oreo’s Cafe Doha Breakthrough in Travel Retail – How Does It Stand Out in the Global Market?

What does standing out mean for you? Of course, standing out is relative and could mean different things to different people. Yet, whatever meaning is attached to it, it would indeed be conceived from a place of perfection and uniqueness.

A groundbreaking confectionery company serving as the pacesetter for most confectioneries, Oreo has doubled its tempo with its latest collaboration with travel retailers at the International Airport in Doha. This US company has gained more ground outside the States with its newest debut cafe at Doha’s Hamad International Airport.

What Does Oreo Cafe At Doha Entail?

Oreo has taken a more excellent stride toward achievement with its indubitable alliance with travel retailers. The Cafe consists of a plethora of Oreo signatures.

From the electrified eccentric white, blue, and black dazzling colours of the building’s exteriors and interiors, the Oreo creation bar for the most exquisite staged dinners, the tremendous Oreo furniture and down to the Oreo flavoured cheesecakes, milkshakes, and the unlimited tasty pastries and meals served, travellers are certainly going to have a pleasant travelling experience.

Check Out How Oreo Stands Out In The Global Market!

1. Uniqueness

The Oreo marketing campaign is just one of a kind. Having visited the Oreo Cafe in Doha, we must say Oreo has done a very great job. The exquisite view from the exterior and the outstanding features of the interior got our team so enthralled and captivated.

Unlike some marketing campaigns with just a collaboration, Oreo is partnering with diverse companies, including Mondelez World Travel Retail (WTR),  Qatar Duty-Free (QDF), Hamad International Airport (HIA), and Qatar Airways, thereby making this marketing campaign an exceptional one.

2. Array of Services

The culinary skills of the Oreo Chefs are top-notch. The diverse food options on the menu are things you could go begging for others to have. The food presentations are so edifying, and from appearance, you could tell how sumptuous and delectable the foods would be.

Then try checking in on one when you travel through the Doha International Airport. This Creation Bar is the perfect spot reflecting a snowball effect for diners and travellers who love to enjoy the party life.

3. Excellent Collaboration

You might wonder why Oreo, despite its fame, kept collaborating with other firms and industries. There is no limit to how famous a brand can be. Of course, the confectionery industry is overlapped with so many competitors who compete for the same fame you have and would go to any length to pull you down to get there.

Collaborating with other big industries outside yours has so many benefits. Improved sales, prestige, fame, improved value, and increased patronage are a few of what collaboration can do to your brand.


The inexhaustible benefits of Oreo Cafe in Doha are enough reasons why you should not renege on trying this marketing strategy next time!

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