The Excellent Summer Pairing: Select Aperitivo and La Marca Prosecco Spiritz Gift Pack

You want to have a competitive edge over other brands in the liquor market and take your brand to greater heights? Then you need to wield this secret weapon I’m about to unveil – a custom gift pack!

Of course, offering consumers a liquor product they would want to drink again is important, but presenting that liquor product in a carefully crafted pack and enticing them is just as important. Select Aperitivo’s pairing with La Marca Prosecco with this Spiritz gift pack gives the brand an edge and showcases its appreciation to its consumers.

Select Aperitivo is an Italian liquor brand. Its partnership with fellow Italian Liquor brand, La Marca Prosecco, offers consumers a gift pack with a bottle of Select Aperitivo, a bottle of La Marca Prosecco, and one branded Select Spiritz glass.

Guess what? All these are on offer for just $27.99!

Our team saw the eye-catching gift pack on one of our visits to a retail store in Italy. The unique red design of the pack and its complementary gift caught our eyes and inspired our decision to write this blog.

Four Ways Select Aperitivo and La Marca Prosecco Achieve Success

1. Quality Complementary Gift

The choice and quality of the gift in your gift pack are vital factors that determine how consumers perceive your offer’s actual value. Offering high-quality gift items is essential, but offering items that complement the main product is just as important for success.

This gift pack from the liquor brands embodies both quality and functionality. From the exclusive liquor to the elegant drinking glass, these items can positively impact the consumer’s perception of the brands.

2. Packaging That Draws Attention

By incorporating the window packaging design, Select Aperitivo and La Marca Prosecco show they understand the importance of a great first impression. The window packaging design allows customers to glimpse the product and its complementary gift, piquing their interest and enticing them to make a purchase.

Additionally, the eye-catching ruby red colour, which can invoke ambition, adds an extra layer of attractiveness to the packaging.

3. Excellent Pairing

One significant benefit of collaborations like this is that it helps both brands tap into the fanbase of the other. This collaboration will help raise awareness for the two liquor brands and create a window for both parties to reach new audiences. This is a recipe for success!

4. Tailored Variety

This collaboration ensures consumers can treat themselves to the special Select Aperitivo and the sparkling La Marca Prosecco. By combining these drinks, the brands provide added value to the customers, making the gift pack more enticing to liquor lovers.


This collaboration provides the perfect blueprint. This gift pack is designed for success, from the packaging design to the ideal pairing to the complementary gift.

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