Starbucks Grandly Arrives in Rome With A Magnificent POS: Unleashing the ‘Eternal City’s’ Coffee Culture!

Come over here all you coffee lovers, this one’s for you! Starbucks has done it again! This time, the renowned coffee and beverage brand has made a grand arrival in the beautiful city of Rome with a magnificent Point of Sales (POS). This is a big development for coffee lovers in Rome and we can’t help but bring this exciting news to you. So relax and come along on this journey with us!

Starbucks POS Store in Rome

With 25 stores already in Italy, Starbucks is no stranger to the beautiful country. However, the brand has opened a new store in Italy’s capital — its first ever in the Eternal City — in collaboration with its long-term partner, Percassi.

This new store at the heart of Rome is not just another café joining the queue of several others in the city, but a well-thought-out plan to bring the Starbucks Experience to the people of Italy.

Why Do We Love Starbucks’ POS Store?

Starbucks has got great plans for the city which include new jobs and wonderful surprises for the city. The brand also has plans to bring unique food and beverage to its Italian customers. But why do we love this POS store? Let’s find out:

1.  A Room With A View

Imagine sipping your favourite Starbucks beverage from the new store located in a historic building that offers a breathtaking view of the magnificent City of Rome. A perfect combination of the pleasure of Starbucks beverages and the beauty of Rome’s enchanting atmosphere and majestic structure. What a beautiful experience that would be!

2.  Thoughtful Collaboration

Someone once said that collaboration is like a dance where each partner contributes their respective moves and blends them seamlessly to create a performance that leaves the audience asking for more.

This is true with a lot of well-planned brand collaborations including this one. The brand joined hands with farmers and local artisans to create an unforgettable experience for its consumers. With this partnership, it is clear where Starbucks gets its coffee beans from and why its new store is adorned with beautiful artwork.

3.   Excellent Menu Selection

Starbucks’ new store isn’t only about the scenery and view, the brand also offers an exquisitely selected menu with provisions for local and international preferences. There’s a selection of Italian-themed beverages and pastries alongside the classic Starbucks favourites. This thoughtful selection ensures no one is left out, making the Starbucks Rome experience a special one.

4.  Providing a Digital Experience

We’re in the digital age, so it’s no surprise that brands infuse technology in their POS designs. Starbucks’ new Rome store offers an engaging and interactive experience for consumers by employing the use of modern technology.

Consumers can place their orders from the Starbucks mobile app or use the in-store digital menu boards. This will further elevate the Starbucks experience to a new level!

In The End

Starbucks’ grand arrival in Rome with its extraordinary Point of Sales system brings a host of exciting elements to the beautiful city of Rome and adds significantly to its coffee culture. It’s yet another example of how well Starbucks has mastered the game.

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