Stowford Press On-Pack Promotion in the UK: A Sure-way to Boost Retail Profits!

As the days grow shorter and the nights colder, there’s a certain anticipation in the air—a hint that autumn and winter are on the horizon! With the changing seasons comes a shift in preferences, which includes savouring a delightful glass of cider for many.

Stowford Press is bringing a treat for retailers and consumers this autumn and winter. Want to know more? Let’s go!

What to Know About This Promo

The “Stowford Press Big Night In” competition gives shoppers the chance to win a £2 000 prize package, which includes everything they need for a celebratory night with friends, a smart TV, speaker bar, PS5 console and game, wireless speaker, and a 12-month TV streaming subscription. To enter, shoppers simply need to enter the promotional code from the pack on the Westons website.

The promotion, which runs from August 2023 to March 2024, is also well-timed to coincide with key events such as the Rugby World Cup, Halloween, and the festive period. These events are traditionally associated with increased cider consumption, so this promotion will generate excitement and drive traffic to stores.

5 Reasons Why This On-Pack Promotion is a Sure Way to Boost Retail Profits!

1. Extended Sales Window

The timing of the Stowford Press on-pack promotion is indeed excellent. By extending from August to March, it strategically covers the autumn and winter periods when the demand for cider is rising. This allows retailers to capture a broader audience and maximize revenue opportunities.

2. Consumer Excitement and Engagement

The “Stowford Press Big Night In” promotion is not just about creating excitement and engagement. The attraction of winning a fantastic prize pack for a celebratory night with friends captivates consumers and keeps them engaged. It also drives repeated purchases.

3. Aligning with Seasonal Events

By aligning with key events like the Rugby World Cup, Halloween, and the festive season, Stowford Press taps into the celebratory spirit of the occasion. Consumers often seek beverages that enhance their experiences during such events, making this promotion highly appealing and relevant.

4. Easy Entry

Shoppers must simply enter the promotional code from the pack on the Westons’ website. This makes it easy and convenient for consumers to enter, likely increasing participation rates and, consequently, more sales.


The Stowford Press on-pack promotion is a surefire way to boost retail profits during the autumn and winter. It’s a unique and exciting promotion that is well-timed to coincide with key events and is easy to enter. The promotion offers consumers a chance to win big and gives retailers a golden opportunity to boost profits.

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