Top innovative merchandise your brand will love

Marketing managers should never overlook the power of everyday items. They may seem mundane at first glance, but many have the ability to transform our lives. For example, a simple pair of socks can keep us warm during cold weather. Or a cup of coffee can give us energy throughout the day. These items don’t require special equipment or expensive technology. Instead, they offer convenience and comfort. As such, they are perfect for brand managers who seek out innovative ways to reach consumers.

Let’s take a look at some below:

Reusable cups 

Ever thought about promoting cups in a more eco-friendly way?

Reusable cups are great for brand marketing because they help save money and reduce waste. They also help consumers feel better about themselves when they use them instead of single use plastic cups. Brands like Starbucks, McDonalds, and Dunkin Donuts offer customers free refills on coffee cups. This helps build loyalty among customers who want to support environmentally conscious brands.

Eco friendly reusable cups

 Promotional straws  

If you haven’t noticed, plastic straws have become a hot topic of debate. Many people believe that they are harmful to the environment and want to see them banned

In response, some brands have started offering promotional metal straws. These can be branded with logos and used as marketing tools. They are also eco-friendly and can help build brand loyalty among customers who want to support sustainable brands.

Color changing mugs 

Customized mugs are great for brand promotion as you can choose what design and colours you like. Moreover, your brand can personalize it according to its unique identify-adding their corporate logo or name. Nowdays your mug can also change its colour upon temperature and if it’s hot or cold, which adds that bit of excitement and innovation even more so.

Customized pen/notebook

Customized pens and notebooks are great for promoting brands because they are unique items that customers want to keep. They also help build relationships between businesses and consumers. People like receiving gifts from other people, especially when they are personalized.

Promotional Heineken cooler bags

Promotional coolers are great tools for promoting your business. They are easy to use, inexpensive, and they help keep your product fresh. The best thing about them is that they don’t require any maintenance. Cooler bags come in different sizes and shapes, depending on what kind of items you want to put inside.

Heineken Cooler

Promotional face mask

Customized masks are important because they help prevent the spread of coronavirus. The virus spreads through droplets from coughs and sneezes. Masks reduce the amount of these droplets that reach others’ faces. They also protect against other respiratory infections such as influenza. So, get in touch with UCT(Asia) and we can style one for your brand with our team of professional product designers.

Hand sanitizer pens

Hand sanitizers are extremely important for preventing Covid-19. The virus spreads through droplets when someone coughs or sneezes, which means that we need to wash our hands frequently. However, washing hands too much may dry out skin and cause cracks in nails. Therefore, using hand sanitizers is better than washing hands excessively. However, take your brand to another level with these innovative hand sanitizer spray pens. You can use it at any time and its convenient to carry and use. Plus, you can hand it out at events and trade shows to market your brand even more.

Promotional Phone accessories

Promotional phone accessories are great for increasing sales because they provide customers with a free gift when they purchase something else from you. This is especially true for businesses who sell mobile phones, since these devices are used almost everywhere. A customer may be interested in buying a new smartphone, but he/she might also want to try out a case first. If you give them a free case, then they’ll probably end up buying one too!

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