4 Marketing Hacks That Are Associated With Fridge Stickers – V-Energy Free Key Rings In New Zealand

Your main goal is to create as much visibility and awareness for your brand, and of course record as many sales as possible. To achieve this, you’ll need to make use of several marketing tools that can help you reach as many potential buyers as possible and advertise your product or promo.

Branded fridge stickers may be seen by some as “outdated”, but they remain one of the most commonly used POS displays by many brands. This advertising tool is highly beneficial for brands looking to get the most out of their marketing campaigns while staying within a minimal budget.

So, why have fridge stickers remained relevant to date? How can you use them? And what promotions are best suited for them? These and more are what this article will be revealing to you as perfectly illustrated by V-Energy in their giveaway promo.

What Is V-Energy’s Giveaway Promo About?

The New Zealand-based energy drink brand is offering consumers a free branded keyring. However, for consumers to instantly receive the freebie, they must buy 2 bottles of the promo V Energy drinks.

The brand’s use of branded ride stickers has helped the promo gain more visibility since they’re strategically attached to the fridge doors where customers can easily see the ongoing promotion.

Why Branded Fridge Stickers?

●     Cost-Efficient POS Display

Put side by side with several other forms of POS display, branded stickers cost way less and can help you maintain a minimal budget, while also delivering a huge return on investment. The materials for making them are inexpensive to produce, especially when they’re ordered in large quantities.

A tool that gives you the desired result while helping you save money is a great choice!

●     Flexible Customisation

Like a blank slate, branded fridge stickers allow you to tailor them to suit your brand using your brand trademark colours and logo. It even gets better with its flexibility in terms of the different shapes and sizes you can cut to fit your needs.

Also, just like the production, the customisation of these stickers is budget-friendly, and we at UCT (ASIA) are the best in the game.

●     Durability

One huge benefit of branded fridge stickers is their durable, water and pressure-resistant nature which is made possible by the protective transparent overlay over the main sticker.

This means they can be used for lengthy promotions and be guaranteed to remain clear and vibrant as first used.

●     Simple And Easy To Install

In comparison to other display materials, installing promotional fridge stickers is easier and faster. You only have to attach them to the fridge and it will do its duty of communicating information about your promo to potential customers.

Also, since it’s not difficult to install, you can use it for short, seasonal promos as well as longer ones.

In Summary,

From being visually appealing to easy installation to conveying your promo message, branded fridge stickers offer your brand so many benefits that are difficult to ignore.

So, if you’re ready to design your own branded promotional stickers, let UCT (ASIA) help you! We’re the best in the game of sourcing, producing, and designing promotional displays and products for brands in different industries.

We’ve helped take many brands to the next level with your excellent work, so let us help you. Get in touch today!