Bowmore Distillery Presents the Epitome of Whisky Craftsmanship In U.S: The Ultimate Rare Collection

Uniqueness is the greatest antic behind leveraging. It is the one main ingredient behind variety, and just like it is universally known that “variety is the spice of life”. As a brand owner, it takes just a little more creativity to become innovative.

Bowmore couldn’t have done it better if they were thinking outside of the box. They wanted something different even if it would cost them a short-term fortune, and truly, the result was well-deserving and worth the input.

This season, Bowmore Distillery presents an ultimate rare collection that is the epitome of whisky craftsmanship in the US. The Ultimate Rare Collection includes Bowmore 1969 50-Year-Old, Bowmore 40-Year- Old and Bowmore 30-Year-Old.

The Bowmore 1969 50-Year-Old, tells the story of a half-a-century legend whose taste is undefinable, irresistible. With its ethereal blend of oak and citrus, the taste is indeed edifying!

What about the Bowmore 40-Year-Old? This limited edition comes with so many gleaming features, from the colour, to the texture, and down to the fruity assortments and combos, it is indisputably “the art of time”

We thought we had seen it all until we spotted the Bowmore 30-Year-Old! This 3 decades subtle malt whisky offers the finest fragrance of charred mango, butterscotch, honey, and sweet pineapple, whose taste is indubitably mouth-watering.

The Real Take Home from Bowmore Distillery Ultimate Rare Collection

You might wonder why the ultimate rare collection and not the regular promotional campaigns of some sort! Having gotten to the attributes of this promotional campaign, we must say we are impressed by Bowmore’s brilliant foresight! Come on, let’s walk you through the benefits and spectacular windfalls of this campaign;

1.  Choice Making

By Choice making, customers can choose the drink of their choice from different collections of Bowmore’s ultimate rare collection and as a result of this, customers are not limited in their decision power. So many brands do not get the patronage they envisage because of the limited variety of their products.

For example, some buyers just want a fruity pineapple taste rather than a caramel chocolate flavour. This little variance in flavours can go a long way to earning you the patronage you long envisaged for. Imagine having just one type of food on a menu, such is how it could feel for brands with no collection of products.

2.  A Story to Tell

This could be one iconic attribute that has set Bowmore Distillery on the pedestrian. Stories are intriguing, compelling, and resonating. Want to draw the empathy of people to yourself, then, tell your story! Bowmore Distillery has showcased its cultural heritage to its customers through one of its mantras, ” The Past, Savored in the Present”.

Indeed, every bit of Bowmore Distillery present today is an offshoot of its past.

3.  Sales Booster

Having a collection of your products is a sure way to fire up your sales as a liquor brand. This is because every type of your product needed is at their beck and call, and sure, your customers would not have to be on the lookout for other products.

To Sum it up

The future of your brand lies in your hands. Start up something unique for your brand. Do not look at the cost because it is going to be worthwhile.

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