Cadbury FC POS Launch at London Stansted Airport: An Authentic Way to Hook Your Customer’s Attention!

If there are two things that people love, it’s football and chocolate. Now, imagine a marketing campaign that combines the two. That’s precisely what Cadbury did with their recent POS launch at London Stansted Airport.

They created a football-themed pop-up shop where customers could buy their favorite Cadbury products and participate in fun activities. The campaign was a huge success, stopping people in their tracks and generating a lot of buzz for the brand.

In this article, we’ll discuss four reasons why Cadbury’s POS launch was an authentic way to hook customers’ attention.

Why is This an Authentic Way to Hook Your Customer’s Attention?

1. Relevance to Their Target Audience

People are more likely to pay attention to things that are relevant to them. This is why it is essential to know your target audience and tailor your campaign to appeal to them.

Cadbury knows that their target audience is passionate about football. So, they created a campaign that would appeal to their interests. The football-themed pop-up shop was a great way to reach their target audience and get them excited about their products.

2. Interactive and Engaging

Customers could participate in fun activities at the pop-up shop, such as playing football games and taking photos with the legendary Harry Redknapp and fan favourite Jake Quickenden.

Travelling customers can also strike a pose with a life-size cutout of famous footballers holding a Cadbury chocolate bar and share it on social media. The campaign is an attention-grabbing approach that entertains and elevates brand awareness.

3. It’s Visually Appealing

Visual appeal is vital in marketing because it helps to capture people’s attention, especially in the ever-busy airport spaces. Cadbury’s POS launch was visually appealing in different ways. First, the pop-up shop was brightly coloured and decorated with football-themed designs. This made it stand out from other POS displays and attract customer attention.

Secondly, Cadbury ensured the entire customer experience was visually stunning, from how the products were displayed to how the staff was dressed.

4. Exclusivity

Exclusivity is important because it creates a sense of scarcity and desire. People are more likely to be interested when they know something is exclusive. They may also be more likely to act quickly to purchase it before it’s gone.

Cadbury made the POS launch available only at London Stansted Airport. This made it feel more special and unique. The pop-up was also open only for a limited time. This created a sense of urgency and attracted customers. 


Cadbury’s POS launch is an excellent example of how to hook customers’ attention. The campaign was relevant to their target audience, visually appealing, exclusive, and, most importantly, engaging and interactive.

If you’re looking for ways to grow your brand, we strongly recommend using innovative marketing campaigns relevant to your audience and effective enough to hook their attention.

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