How Taylor’s Port Remains At The Packaging Game With Its Stunning Wooden Liquor Packaging

Gifts come in varying forms and qualities but one sure way to captivate your customers is giving them the best as this proves to them how much love you have for them. We recently bumped into a tremendous role model who portrays excellent skills in business and top-notch promotional strategies that you can learn from.

Taylor’s Quinta de Vargellas Port is a famed port wine produced by Taylor’s port, one of the oldest and most honoured wine houses in Portugal. Taylor’s Port is widely known for the production of exceptional wine qualities, with grapes that are rich in tannins, flavours, colour and aroma.

Thoughtfully, the brand has blessed its shoppers with outstanding and stunning wooden liquor packaging. This wooden liquor packaging is beyond what the mere eye can behold as beauty. Wines are delicate and valuable commodities that demand a high shield from temperature and fall. With the gifts of custom wooden liquor packaging, these drawbacks are to a great extent solved.

Significance Of Taylor’s Port Custom Wooden Wine As A Packaging Game?

Beneath are reasons why you should adopt this promotional strategy;

1.   Protection And Durability

Wine bottles as strong as they look can be so fragile and delicate. Hence, they are easily susceptible to damage or fall. Wines are so precious to us that we can be scared to death at the thought of them falling.

However, the breach of caution and protection has been hampered severely by Taylor’s Port’s custom wooden liquor packaging. Custom wooden packaging procures fantastic protection for the wine bottle during conveyance as it is sturdy and quite durable.

Wooden liquor boxes are unlikely to tear or wreck, unlike cardboard or paper packaging, which ensures that the wine arrives safely and unscathed. Also, wooden boxes offer ample protection against harsh temperatures and sunlight which can damage the quality and taste of wines.

2.   Sustainability And Re-usability

What more deserves an encomium than a brand that uses eco-friendly products in its marketing campaigns? The use of wooden boxes by Taylor’s Port as compared to plastic and other raw materials used for custom boxes is enough reason to laud Taylor’s Port.

This shows that Taylor placed the safety of the ecosystem and everything as a priority. Wooden products are not just sustainable but are durable and can be used for a very long time in what seems eternal. Custom wooden wine boxes are durable and can be reused for other purposes aside from keeping wines such as decorations or storage.

3.   Aesthetics And Versatility

The sight of wooden boxes captivates even feeble minds. The natural and colourful properties of the wooden box are mind-blowing and the inviting look of the wines makes them more appealing to the sight.

In terms of versatility, custom wine boxes are adaptable for accommodating assorted types of wine bottles and packaging needs. These boxes can be modified in various sizes and layouts, allowing you to establish unique custom packaging that suits your specific requirements.

In Summary,

A typical promotional product should be sustainable and eco-friendly. In the bid to protect our debilitating ecosystem, we need to ensure that our promotional products do not add to the already existing greenhouse effect. Taylor’s Port replicated this incredible and commendable hallmark in its custom wooden box packaging.

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