Lancôme’s High-Tech Showcase at Dubai Airport: How This Unique Concept Drives Brand Visibility and Loyalty!

What if you could offer your customers a personalised beauty experience like never before? Imagine the impact on your business if you could showcase your product in an engaging and captivating way.

Do we think all these are achievable? Yes!

Lancôme’s recent collaboration with Dubai Duty-Free is proof that these are very achievable.

Let’s talk about this renowned brand and its campaign, shall we?

Lancôme, a leading name in luxury cosmetics for over 80 years, is renowned for its commitment to scientific innovation and personalised beauty experiences. Their “Beauty Tech On The Go” campaign, in partnership with Dubai Duty-Free is a showcase of two of their latest advancements: the Lancôme Skin Screen and Lancôme Shade Finder. These high-tech devices offered travellers a personalised beauty consultation experience unlike any other.

5 Reasons Why This Unique Concept Will Drive Your Brand Visibility and Loyalty

Has the thought of transforming a simple customer interaction into a personalised and engaging brand experience ever crossed your mind? Lancôme’s “Beauty Tech On The Go” achieved exactly that.

Here’s how this unique concept can inspire your own marketing strategies:

  1. Personalised Customer Engagement:  Given how competitive the market has become, you have to be offering something really different to stand out. And one stand-out feature you can offer is customer’ personalization.

    We see this with Lancôme’s Skin Screen and Shade Finder devices. Two innovative devices that give customers an in-depth analysis of their individual needs. This level of personalization creates a stronger connection with your brand and builds trust.

  2. Cutting-edge Technology: People are drawn to innovation. Integrating high-tech elements into your marketing strategy shows that your brand is committed to progress. Furthermore, it positions your brand as a leader in your industry. 

    This advanced skin analysis tech used by Lancôme is an impressive move that has paid off, raising awareness about the brand.

  3. Interactive Brand Experience: Gone are the days when displays used to be static. Nowadays,  Interactive experiences are used to create lasting impressions and encourage customer participation.

    Take this campaign for instance; the technology keeps the travellers actively engaged. This then gives them a sense of discovery and piques their interest in the products

  4. Increased Brand Awareness: Unique and interactive marketing campaigns generate word-of-mouth promotion and social media buzz.

    Lancôme’s “Beauty Tech On The Go” undoubtedly got huge attention at Dubai Airport. This kind of innovative concept is likely to be shared on social media and discussed amongst travellers, which in turn will significantly increase brand awareness.

  5. Building Brand Loyalty: A loyal customer base is likely created when your offer exceeds the expectations of your customers.

    This is why Lancôme ensured the campaign didn’t focus only on showcasing the product. The brand also wanted to provide travellers with something unique — personalised skin care consultations and recommendations. This commitment to customer satisfaction is what builds trust and loyalty, turning one-time customers into lifelong fans

In conclusion, Lancôme’s “Beauty Tech On The Go” campaign goes to show how innovative marketing strategies can drive brand visibility and customer loyalty. If you apply these elements to your own business strategy, you can transform your customer engagements, elevate your brand image, and achieve long-term success.

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