Larios Fedora Enchanting Hat In New Zealand – A Profound Way To Get Your Brand Unforgettable!

The growth of your business largely relies on how many customers you attract over your competitors. And one surefire way of attracting customers is by offering them promotional gifts.

Does this also work for small-budget brands who may not have the financial might as compared to their high-budget counterpart?

Of course, there are many creative options to choose from that can deliver the needed results at a cost-effective rate. UCT (ASIA) manufactures a wide range of such promotional products that fit your budget. One of which is a custom hat.

Hats are head coverings that can be worn for several reasons including for warmth or on special occasions. They can be worn at any time of the day and in any weather or season. The versatility of these hats makes them a great choice for promotional campaigns.

However, just giving away free hats isn’t guaranteed to make a successful promotional campaign. Hence, we’ll take a look at Larios’ enchanting fedora hat and how they stole the limelight.

Larios Free Fedora Hat Gift-With-Purchase Promotion

Larios is a Spanish brand known for its unique flavoured gin. The brand is offering consumers a fedora hat as a free GWP when they buy two bottles of any of the brand’s range of liquor.

The retail display drew our attention to the promotion as we visited a supermarket in New Zealand as well as the bottle neckers and shelf wobbles which effectively passed the promo message.  The entire marketing strategy and concept make it a promotion worthy of emulation.

How Does This Free Hat Make Your Brand Unforgettable?

●     Unlimited Visibility

Hats are worn on the head which makes it a promotional product that quickly commands attention. Regardless of the colour or type, giving away a free hat with your logo printed will certainly give you wider brand visibility.

Your branded hat in any outdoor event goes a long way to boost your brand awareness.

●     Practicality

The fedora hat is a trendy fashion headwear that has maintained relevance over the years till this day. The recipient can wear it to any event without looking out of place.

This is good for your business because customers love items that are very useful to them and this surely is. Remember, the more they use your item, the more they recall your brand.

●     Increases Brand Loyalty

Perhaps, the most important benefit of using these fedora hats as free gift-with-purchase is the ‘word of mouth’ benefit. Customers are likely to tell friends about something they got for free. This yields more interest in your brand and creates a positive impression of your brand.

In The End

The benefits of a free fedora hat GWP promotion are many. It can help you stay ahead in the marketing game and make your brand unforgettable among customers.

So if you want to use promotional hats for your marketing campaigns and are unsure about how to go about it, don’t hesitate to contact us today at UCT (ASIA)!

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