Top 5 Marketing Lessons From CAMUS Gift With Purchase Promotion In Zhuhai, China

From the young to the old, surely, everyone loves a free gift. Doesn’t matter the season or the industry, what a free item can do for your brand is immeasurable.

Big brands understand this, which is why they use free items to entice customers in their gift-with-purchase  campaigns. Brands in the beverage and spirit sector are well-known for using this strategy, with the biggest names such as Johnnie Walker, Jack Daniel, and Jim Beam all taking advantage. 

Indeed, it is a proven strategy.

In today’s blog, we feature Camus Cognac GWP promotion.

We came across a store in Zhuhai where Camus is offering customers two free custom travel bags when they buy a bottle of Camus Cognac. Let’s take a look at 5 marketing lessons from this GWP promo.

5 Marketing Lessons From Camus Gift With Purchase promotion

1.   Impulse Purchase

Impulse buying is the purchase of a product on the spur of the moment without prior shopping intention. It happens when shoppers have a strong desire to buy something and it’s often as a result of an irresistible offer.

Looking at this Camus promo, it’s clear why their offer can not be overlooked. Even if a shopper does not intend to buy a Camus Cognac bottle, with the complimentary travel bags included, they’ll be more willing to spend their money knowing that, in return, they’re getting something that’s worth it.

2.   Colour Branding

According to research, using a signature color can increase a consumer’s recognition of your brand by 80%. Even if you can’t see the brand’s logo, chances are you recognize its products by its brand colour.

The combination of the black, brown, and gold colours used to decorate the travel bags in this promo represents Camus brand colours. This ensures that customers can easily identify the brand’s display or products even in a very crowded store.

3.   Enhances Brand Value

Value is something that everyone loves to get involved with. Hence, offering valuable GWP items such as this branded travel bag is a surefire way of getting shoppers interested in your product.

And you know what? Customers are more likely to attach more value to your brand just because you offer them products of high value.

4.   Customer Retention

The best way to retain customers is by building a genuine connection between you and your customers. And one of the best ways to build this connection is by making them feel valued through premium GWP campaigns:

Customers who feel valued by your gifts will find ways to return the favour through repeat purchases.

5.   Enhances Brand Exposure

Finally, these custom travel bags make excellent promotional items due to their long-term benefits.

Their durability means they will last for years, and their practicality means your brand will be exposed to more people as customers use them during travels.

In Conclusion,

The use of GWP products to boost sales is common amongst many brands, but not too many are successful with it.

With our expertise UCT (ASIA) in the production and design of custom promotional gifts and high-quality POS displays, we have helped many brands in different sectors achieve success in their marketing efforts. Don’t you want to be the next?

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