Lemon & Paeroa Promotional Bucket Hat Merchandise – A Profound Strategy To Become Exceptional!

Are you thinking of running a successful GWP campaign to promote your brand? If yes, then you need to read on!

Now, I have to tell you the truth. Although running a GWP campaign is now a commonly used marketing strategy, being successful with it depends on a number of things, one of which is the GWP merchandise to use.

And talking about these free items, have you ever considered a promotional bucket hat as one of your options?

Well, you’re not alone if you’ve never considered it. However, several brands have started to discover just how powerful these hats can be as a marketing tool. In this article, I’ll be telling you about Lemon & Paeroa’s recent gift-with-purchase marketing, where the brand used a custom-printed bucket hat as its freebie.

Stay with me.

What Is Special About L&P’s Promo?

The soft drink brand is offering customers a chance to own a custom-printed bucket hat when they buy 2 bottles of L&P soft drink.

As you’d expect, almost everyone will jump at the chance to get a hat that would have cost them some money for free simply by buying 2 bottles of L&P drinks which they can also enjoy.

Good value for money if you ask me. Don’t you think so too?

3 Reasons Promotional Bucket Hats Are Powerful As GWP Items?

1.   They’re Trendy And Useful

An unspoken rule when choosing your promotional item is to make sure it is something that is practical. If not, no one will even consider buying your product just to get it. It’s like offering chocolates to someone who doesn’t like them in exchange for a favour. Trust me, they won’t do it.

Luckily, bucket hats are trendy and practical items. From being just a fashion accessory to being a form of protection from the sun, these hats are just too useful to be ignored. To make it even better, they can come in different colours and designs, fit everyone, and will never go out of style.

2.   Cost-Efficient

You might not hear it too often but nobody wants to spend money on things that don’t give a good return on investments. And this includes brands looking for the right promotional products to use.

This is why brands go for products that help them save money and also help them bring in more money. There are several cost-efficient promotional tools out there and bucket hats are one of the best to consider.

They’re very affordable, especially if you’re buying in bulk, yet they help you gain valuable impressions and exposure.

3.   Customizability

The best part about using these hats is their customizability. They offer you a convenient and dependable form of advertising plus the added luxury of their mobility.

You can add your brand logo, graphics, or taglines to boost your brand recognition and awareness and ensure an effective promotion.

In Conclusion,

Not too many Promotional items offer you the qualities that promotional bucket hats do. From being trendy, to their customizability and cost-effectiveness, they’re just too good to be ignored.

So, wouldn’t you want to take advantage now?

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