Warner’s Visibility was magnified With Copa Glass GWP In The UK – 3 Amazing Benefits Of This Campaign

Given the number of brands battling for the attention of shoppers, gaining a competitive edge in retail stores is crucial.  That is why brands in the spirit and beverage industry are constantly looking for unique and innovative strategies to engage with customers and market their products.

Gift-with-purchase and Point-Of-Sales display are two commonly used strategies. These two are important aspects of a successful promotional campaign because having the ideal POS display coupled with an irresistible GWP offer can improve sales conversions and help complete sales.

With its ingredients grown from the farm, Warner’s has been crafting quality drinks to be savoured by drink lovers all over the world.

The brand recently wowed its customers with a new GWP marketing campaign with a special POS display. The promo took place in several UK stores and became widely talked about for months.

Amazing Benefits Of This Campaign

Copa gin glasses are exceptional promotional gifts for many reasons. Without further delay, let’s take you through 3 amazing benefits of reproducing this social campaign.

●     Valuable Gift With Purchase

Like other GWP items, branded Copa gin glasses are efficient mobile billboards. That’s because whenever they’re pulled out to be used, your brand name or logo will automatically be on display. And the good thing is that these glasses are not class or gender specific; they can be used by all and sundry.

Furthermore, being a useful item, the free GWP glassware gives shoppers more reason to take advantage of the offer, thus, helping the brand to gain a boost in sales.

●     Earn More Customer Loyalty

The truth is that all brands want loyal customers, but only a few know that something called “reciprocal loyalty” can help give their business an edge over competitors. Reciprocal loyalty is simply a healthy relationship benefiting both the customer and the brand.

By gifting them an item that’s relevant to their main purchase such as the Copa gin glass, your customers will get the feeling that you’re loyal to them. This will leave them with heightened satisfaction and undoubtedly enhance their loyalty to your brand.

●     Bottle Neckers

A bottle Becker is not a new concept in marketing, especially in the spirit and beverage industry. They’re popular for their branding purposes. However, they do much more than just that.

Just like Warner’s Distillery, you can also use bottle neckers to include QR codes, barcodes, or other relevant information about the goods they’re attached to.

In Conclusion,

There are many lessons to gain from Warner’s Distillery Copa glass GWP campaign. However, before replicating this promotion, you’ll need to analyze several factors including the materials, quality, and how it benefits your customers.

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With many years of working with brands in the spirit and beverage industry, we’re vastly experienced in producing outstanding promotional products, GWP ideas, and trendy retail store displays that will exceed your expectations.

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