Milo Skyrockets Little Champions’ Excitement With Promotional In-Store Redemption Gifts In Vietnam

Mothers are superheroes! The world recognizes and appreciates the unending efforts they put into raising little champions. And so does Milo!

The beverage brand has been a proud sponsor of campaigns that help mothers raise little champions, especially through sporting activities. Recently in a Vietnam store, UCT (ASIA) came across a redemption promo by Milo offering custom football freebies to shoppers.

Keep reading as we bring to you in detail everything we know about this exciting promotion.

 Without a doubt, football is the most popular sport in the world and indeed in Vietnam. And with the football season already in progress, Milo has keyed into it to give young champions the support to showcase their love for the sport.

The famous chocolate-flavoured malt beverage brand is offering custom-printed football-themed bags, on-pack stickers, and redemption trading cards in its recent in-store promo.

Why We Love This Promo

1.   Effective Use Of Shelf Danglers

Shopping stores have indeed experienced massive change through the years, but shelf danglers have managed to remain useful to date. Despite being in use for decades, they’ve stood the test of time as one of the most powerful in-store promotional tools.

We love how Milo used these shelf danglers to do all the talking on the shelf required to grab customers’ attention and effectively boost sales.

2.   Excellent Control Of Shelf Space

The shelf space in retail stores acts as the middleman between your products and potential customers. This means that you have to take them seriously and understand how to use them to your benefit.

Milo understands this strategy and uses it effectively to their benefit by employing special shelf space management skills such as shelf framing, front fencing and shelf talkers. We also love the addition of intriguing characters and lively colours.

3.   Irresistible Redemption Gift

Redemption gifts are perfect for enticing customers to purchase your product. And when these gifts are practical, it makes it even better.

Aside from the branded stickers on offer, Milo is also offering customers a football-themed bag as a redemption gift. Mothers can redeem this bag for their little champions by buying Milo packs and amassing 8 Milo promotional collectible cards.

Collecting these cards is not difficult, as you only need to buy 4 packs of Milo to have the required 8 collectible cards after which you’ll present them at the counter to redeem your gifts. Easy peasy!

4.   Mobile Billboards

Looking at Milo’s model, you’d notice that they chose a perfect promotional gift – a branded bag – for its promo. With their logo sitting conspicuously clear on the bags and the combination of their trademark colours, these bags will serve as mobile billboards and will invariably expose the brand to more people every time they’re used.

In Conclusion,

Reception gift marketing is one of the tried and tested strategies in the marketing world. And what better brand to model than the world’s leading malt beverage brand?

So, if you want to model your in-store promotion to fit this amazing one by Milo, UCT (ASIA) is the surest bet to help you!

We’ll help you create the ideal marketing strategy, promotional items, and eye-catching displays that will take your brand to the next level of sales and recognition.

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