Nestle’s Milo Stunning Lunch Box With Funny Animals Designs Creates A Buzz In Stores –  Why Do We Love This GWP?

There are numerous reasons why people bring their lunch to work every day, and one of the most common is that the food they bring from home is better than what is available from the variety of takeaway food shops nearby.

As a result, a suitable custom lunchbox is a useful product that people will appreciate. The branding on the lunch boxes is large and highly visible, allowing you to get your message and contact information in front of people during the most enjoyable time of the business day.

This is why we believe that Nestle’s Milo made an excellent choice in using a personallised lunch box in its GWP campaign.

Why Do We Love This Custom Lunch Box?

1.   Well-thought-out Designs

The purpose of design in GWP items is to command attention and help your brand stand out from the crowd.

We love the use of cute animal designs on the lunch boxes to draw customers’ attention. The adorable designs attract not only the interest of children but also those who are young at heart.

The lunch boxes make great collectible gifts and there’s no doubt that Milo really thought out this GWP item that looks true to the brand’s image.

2.   Ideal For Both Children And Adults

Aside from its attractive appearance, the functionality of this custom promotional lunch box makes it an ideal gift for children and adults to take to schools and offices respectively.

What’s more? The box has a tight cover that keeps the food safe at all times. Also, its size allows you to pack enough meals.

3.   Great Value For Money

Shoppers only want to spend on products that offer them great value for their money.

With a chance to get this custom lunch box for every 4 packs of 125 ml Milo malt drink, every customer would surely be enticed to purchase Milo products to receive the freebie.

This promotional lunch box is useful and long-lasting, and it is well worth the customer’s money.

4.   Saves Money

Using a promotional item requires that you consider your marketing budget. Luckily, these promotional lunch boxes are available at cost-effective wholesale prices.

Additionally, customers will appreciate this product because it helps them to save money by encouraging the making of homemade food instead of the more expensive alternative of eating in food stores.

To Wrap Up,

Milo, as one of the industry’s pioneers, proves that it never runs out of new ideas when it comes to marketing its products. We’ve featured several of the brand’s promotional campaigns, and this one doesn’t surprise us. As a result, we conclude that this type of GWP marketing is effective in today’s market.

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