Phygital Marketing in Action: Nestlé’s Smarties Cool Creatures Set with Recyclable Packaging

Here at UCT (ASIA), we continue to look for outstanding promotional concepts in the market to help businesses capture the hearts and minds of consumers in their subsequent marketing campaigns. We’re on the lookout for ideas that are captivating, unique, and, most importantly, cost-efficient.

Nestle’s remarkable introduction of its Smarties Cool Creatures travel retail exclusive set is a prime example of the marketing campaigns we’re looking for. The promo offers a creative blend of physical and digital experiences that not only resonates with modern consumer preferences but also highlights the brand’s commitment to sustainability and engagement.

The set includes four 34g Smarties Hexatubes packaged in recyclable paper, activity sheets, coloured pencils, stickers, a play mat, and a batch of delightful chocolate. This set empowers children to explore their creative talent by creating and customizing different sea creatures toys in line with Nestle’s Play in our Colourful World campaign.

Reasons Why Nestle’s Smarties Cool Creature Set Promotional Strategy Is Brilliant!

1. Utilizing the Benefits of a Limited Edition Strategy in a Travel Retail Environment

The limited edition strategy offers immense potential for brands in the travel retail environment. Nestle utilized the benefits to the fullest by merging the attraction of exclusivity and the innovation of digital activities, sparking curiosity among travellers and enticing them to explore their imaginations and engage with the product on a higher level.

2. Recyclable Packaging that Speaks Volume

Sustainability isn’t just a buzzword; it’s a value that forms consumers’ purchasing decisions. With its recyclable paper packaging, Nestle has shown its commitment to the fight against environmental damage. Therefore, it gets the nod of today’s consumers, who are conscious of the growing concern about single-use plastics.

The brand announced its ambition of adopting reusable or recyclable packaging for all its products. In today’s marketing world, this is a brilliant move.

3. A Phygital Playground of Creativity

The Smarties Cool Creatures go beyond the physical engagement of the product. It also includes a seamless integration of augmented reality (AR) technology. The partnership with Nestle’s design partner ECHO, and AR agency Zapper results in an immersive AR experience.

Users can unlock a vibrant, interactive virtual world with a simple QR code scan. This strategy turns the act of engaging with the product into an adventure, enhancing consumer experience and sparking curiosity.

4. Educational Entertainment at its Finest

The focus on phygital marketing seeks not only to entertain but also to educate. Through the AR experience, users become main explorers, delving into the mysteries of the underwater world. Fun facts and engaging quizzes provide an unforgettable learning experience that intertwines with play.

The fusion of education and fun amplifies the value of the Smarties Cool Creatures set, positioning it as an enriching choice for consumers seeking more than just the regular confectionery product.

Where Do We Come In?

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Having been in the game for over two decades, working with over 200  local and international brands, our team is qualified to deliver excellently and help your brand achieve marketing success.

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