The Future of Gaming and Cookies: How OREO’s OREOVERSE is Changing the GAME

The future, they say, is here. And the boundaries between reality and imagination get blurrier by the day. What a time for brands to explore the largely unexplored territory of the metaverse!

Of course, exploring the uncharted territory of the metaverse in marketing is a challenging task. However, like several other brands taking marketing to the virtual world, Oreo has taken that all-important first step, creating an enticing blend of gaming and cookies. The result? OREOVERSE, an innovative meterverse experience that not only shapes our view on gaming and marketing but also delights our taste buds.

More on Oreoverse?

Oreo recently launched a new limited-edition cookie product named The Most OREO OREO. Now, two things stand out about this new launch. First, the unique cookie is unlike anything the brand has made before. This one is a special cookie, a cookie inside a cookie!

Secondly, the brand took the campaign to the next level by creating its first-ever metaverse, inviting fans to play cookie-themed games. And guess what? Prizes are up for grabs for winners of these fun games.

Incredible stuff!

What Makes This Metaverse Gaming A Brilliant Marketing Idea?

 So why is Oreoverse such a brilliant marketing idea? Come with me!

1. Memorable Experiences

If you want to etch your name in the minds of your customers for a long time, then you must ensure to give them their best experience yet. And what better way to provide them with the experience of their lives than leveraging the limitless world of the Metaverse? Virtual experiences such as the Oreoverse gaming help brands gain more loyal customers.

It is an incredible avenue for brands to create unique and memorable customer experiences, building a lasting bond with the brand.

2. Bolsters Brand Awareness

Every brand should be looking to expand its reach; to get more people aware of their product or services. One way brands achieve this is by hosting real-life events. However, the metaverse offers a faster and more effective route by hosting virtual events like Oreo’s Oreoverse.

Imagine the buzz and visibility that this virtual gaming event will generate all over the world.

3. Data and Insights

Every growing brand needs insights into the behavior of its customers. This is to help them make better marketing decisions going forward. Virtual events like this can help brands gather the needed customer data, which can be used to improve their products or services. And you know, the better the products or services, the more satisfied and loyal the customers become.

4. Enticing Prizes

Whether in real life or the virtual world. Prizes are key in contest marketing. They build up a sense of anticipation and encourage customers to participate. Who doesn’t want to get a special reward whilst enjoying themselves? Ultimately, they help build a positive impression of the brand as customers see it as the brand’s way of showing appreciation.


Change, as they say, is the only constant. So as the world continues to change, marketing strategies, ideas, and approaches will evolve.

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