The Beauty of Huichol Art in a Bottle: Johnnie Walker’s Exclusive Blue Label Edition

Most of the time, buyers purchase a product not because they intended to buy it or perhaps tasted it before then; instead, the enticer is in the packaging. The state of the art of any product goes a long way in its definition, including its value.

Customers may not be easily swayed by how much you preach your product to them; instead, they are driven by how enchanting your product appears to the eye.

You might wonder how you could make your products alluring with a glance. Anyway, it’s high time you put your worries to an end, as our team got you covered. Guess what? We have brought Johnnie Walker’s Exclusive Blue Label Edition secrets all for you.

Why Do We Applaud This Promotional Strategy?

1. Exclusive Package and Design

Johnnie Walker’s Exclusive Blue Label Edition comes with a complete package. The package is an exclusive homage to the Wixáritari community and Huichol art, depicting Mexican heritage. Imagine using chaquiras to design bottles whereby the chaquiras are used to construct different images, including a blue deer, peyote, and snakes, where each bears contrasting colors complimenting the other’s uniqueness.

2. Reflection of Culture and Heritage

Culture is a great and indispensable asset of any society or community. The place of culture should be prioritized in any dispensation and taken into cognizance while you brainstorm on the kind of promotional strategy to embark on. However, with the advent of a digitalized century, it’s even harder to keep up with culture and tradition. Many brands go exotic, forgetting their roots while internalizing other people’s cultures into their products.

However, it’s such different music for Johnnie Walker’s Exclusive Blue Label Edition as they seek to tell the in-depth story of their heritage through the Huichol art and Wixáritari community tributes.

3. Philanthropy and Support

Also, Johnnie Walker’s Exclusive Blue Label Edition is partnering with Loma Linda restaurant. This is a huge one for Blue Label Edition, as the money and profits realized from the sales would be donated to the Wixáritari community. This is to encourage Huichol artisans and further promote their cultural heritage.

To Sum It Up,

How pleasant it is to have everything embedded just in a marketing campaign. Promote your business in the most unique way possible and watch your business boom. Your business should not always be about how you make a profit. It should also be about adding value to the people around you.

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