Top 3 Marketing Lessons To Learn From Nescafe Gift With Purchase – Magnificent Glass Jar

When choosing a product for your gift-with-purchase marketing, you want the product to be useful to your customers, don’t you?

Kitchen products and personal items are great options to consider because they’re useful to your customers and guarantee day-to-day exposure to your brand. One such product is this free magnificent glass jar from Nescafe.

Nescafe Branded Glass Jars

Shoppers are always looking to save money. As such, a special offer that gives them an additional valuable product for free will certainly get their attention and motivate them to make the purchase. 

This strategy by Nescafe is a genius concept. The bottle jar which shoppers can go home with when they buy the Nescafe product also serves as the Product packaging.

Customers will opt for this offer not only because of the Nescafe product but also the glass jar packaging which makes the offer irresistible.

Top 3 Marketing Lessons From This Marketing Strategy

1.   Good Reusability Value

Branded glass jars are excellent promotional gifts because of their reusability value. They’re great for storing food items, office stationery, cooking ingredients, and so on.

These jars not only offer daily value to the customers but also help you to grow your relationship with your customers, generate brand awareness and drive more sales.

2.   Drives Sales

Our curiosity was immediately stirred up the moment we saw this promotion. We wanted to know what freebie was attached to the main Nescafe product.

With a gift-with-purchase product like this glass jar, shoppers will likely spend their money on the main product because of the value-added freebie that other brands are not offering. As a result, you make more sales and might win some new, long-term customers.

3.   Saves You Money

With these glass jars, there’s no limit to how you can customize them within a marketing campaign.

You can use them as the packaging of your product just like Nescafe did. This way, you’ll not need special packaging for your gift because, in this case, the gift itself serves as the packaging. Consequently, you’ve saved costs which can be used to meet other marketing needs.

To Sum Up

Nescafe did a fantastic job introducing their product to their customers through this well-planned gift-with-purchase promotion. Using a GWP glass jar to draw customers turned out to be an effective marketing strategy due to its reusability and functionality.

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