Chivas Compels Customers With The LED Light Highlighted Liquor Display In Vietnam

Imagine you’re a shopper who goes into a store for liquor products and on stepping in, there are tens of products from different brands laid before your eyes. This can be overwhelming, right?

Now that’s from the perspective of a buyer. So, from your perspective as a liquor brand that’s trying to sell its products to these shoppers, your first goal is to increase your chances of getting noticed in such a heavily saturated market.

This is where having a unique and creative liquor POS display comes in.

The primary aim of a liquid display is to call attention to your brand and boost the chances that shoppers will pick your products. Due to the high traffic, they should be unique and compelling to stand out. And speaking of compelling liquor displays, let’s look at this engaging display by Chivas.

Our team recently came across this amazing custom display by Chivas in Vietnam that caught our attention.

We love how the display frames the liquor products. We also love how the prominent colour and LED light highlight the brand’s high class and name, commanding the shopper’s attention. This incredible display is an excellent example of what a liquor display should look like.

Hence, we’ve decided to put together, in detail, 4 things we love about this display.

4 Things We Love About This Display

1.   Attract Customers With Aesthetics

Because every brand in the store is trying to draw attention to themselves, you, too, have to stay one step ahead. And one way to achieve that is by considering aesthetics when using displays.

In a market where it is easy for shoppers to overlook products, you don’t want your display to be ordinary and disorganized. A visually pleasing display will help you stay exceptional.

2.   Elevate Liquor Retailing

Liquor displays allow you to promote your products to a wider market. Including informative messages on your displays can effectively help to educate and inform shoppers about your product and brand. This is an excellent way of elevating your brand and building brand awareness.

3.   Customisability

The best thing about custom displays is that they’re customisable. You can customise your displays to fit your needs. Like Chivas, you can use LED lights to stand out. You can also include shelf talkers to communicate prices or install decorations during festive periods.

There are several styles you can utilize on your display, which is why we like them.

4.   Increase Sales

Remember that the main goal for all of these is to attract customers which will eventually increase sales and profit.

When you design and place your POS display in areas where shoppers can see and easily access them, they can get you the much sought-after customers’ attention and increase your sales.

In The End,

Your competitors are everywhere. Just like you, they’re competing for customers’ attention. This means that you’ll be left behind if you don’t get innovative with your display strategies.

Therefore, if you want to be on the top rung of the ladder, try to plan and design creative displays like Chivas.

If you want to outscore your competitors and earn the spotlight with your displays, then let UCT (ASIA) help you.

We take pride in our longevity in the business of designing and producing innovative and creative POS displays for different brands. We’re also well experienced in making promotional products that will take your brand to the next level.

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