Glenfiddich Breaks An Edge With Its Luxurious Branded Liquor Display – How Does This Enhance Sales?

Retail stores are filled with so many eye-catching products capable of stealing a shopper’s attention. So you should be looking to give your products the best push by making sure they stand out. And what better way to do this than using grand promotional displays that will draw attention to your products?

Branded liquor displays are one of the most effective marketing strategies for your drinks business. There’s no limit to where they can be used, ranging from retail stores to airport shops, to hotels to restaurants, etc.

These displays have proven to be a valuable tool for increasing sales. And with all these benefits, it’s not surprising that these displays are growing more important in the marketing sphere.

Glenfiddich Branded Liquor Display

Glenfiddich’s branded POS display, ice bucket, and drinking glass were a captivating sight for us. We absolutely love the black and gold colours which exude elegance and luxury.

We also love how the “celebrate the occasion” message is conveyed by the brand through this remarkable POS display

Why We Love This Display

1.   The Elegance

The combination of black and gold on the trolley, the gold-coloured chalices, and the ice bucket all scream elegance. The brand logo on the ice bucket and the engraved leaves symbols on the chalices all add a luxurious feel to the display.

And with the words “Grand Cru” which is a term meaning “wine of superior quality” inscribed on the display, it is evident the brand is aiming for premium customers.

2.   The Strategic Tagline

Taglines are important. They help to highlight a brand’s messages and act as a catchphrase. The most important factor in choosing a tagline is to make it memorable or relatable to the public.

We love Glenfiddich’s tagline. It’s a strategic call to action that reminds everyone to celebrate their special moments. And what better way to do that than with the grand Glenfiddich whisky?

3.   Visually Appealing

The number aim of a POS display is to attract the attention of shoppers and entice them to take a look. Hence, a visually appealing design can be a powerful tool for drawing attention.

Glenfiddich did an excellent job with the display, effectively employing high-quality design to attract high-end customers. The golden backdrop is also perfectly designed to direct the attention of customers to the products on display.

4.   Well-lighted Display

Display lighting is an important element that can have a huge effect on sales and customer satisfaction. It highlights the essential message and design you want to be seen, creating a nice atmosphere for spending money.

In this display, Glenfiddich uses lighting that makes the view visually appealing for shoppers.

In Conclusion,

Whether you’re in the liquor industry or not, product POS displays are crucial to your success. However, they must be done right. Luckily, you can adopt Glenfiddich’s strategy!

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