Tips for making your promotion products work effectively

5 Top Tips for Making your Promotional Products work as Effectively as Possible

When it comes to sourcing promotional products, our agents at UCT Asia are among the very best. We hire people with the experience and the knowhow, so that we can provide all of our clients and customers with the best solutions for the promotional and marketing campaigns. But, what is it that makes a decent promotional product? What should you do to ensure that your promotional products actually work as effectively as intended?

Think of the last trade show or seminar that you attended, did you bring any promotional products home with you? Which items did you pass on because you had no interest? Have a think about the types of products that you would be interested in first, and that’s the first step towards understanding the consumer (as you too are a consumer)

In this post we’re going to offer 5 hot tips for making your promotional products work! It has to make sense for both your brand and for the customer. A great place to begin is by finding yourself a reputable product sourcing agent who can help with both product advice and manufacturing.

1 – Keep in Consistency with your Brand and Overall Marketing Message

There’s no use in creating a promotional product if it isn’t consistent with the rest of your brand and the overall message that you’re trying to put across. Your promotional products should be instantly recognisable as being apart of your brand, whilst also clearly being in line with a new idea. This idea should be carried across your entire business and translated in everything that you do, right down to your social media posts. This is key for standing out amongst your competitors and creating a truly memorable, promotional product.

2 – Make sure that your audience actually want your promotional products

You shouldn’t create a promotional product for the sake of it, without first giving it plenty of thought. Let’s look at the Football World Cup in 2018. How well do you think a snack-bowl/beer holder would have done if it were shaped like a rugby ball instead? Or a tennis racket perhaps? It’s poor planning and your audience won’t want anything to do with them because they’re irrelevant. The whole idea is to impress your audience, make them smile and provide them with a quirky and clever product which will make them remember your brand in a positive light.

Look to product sourcing in China and invest in items that aren’t overused for marketing purposes. It’s all about offering something as unique as possible, however don’t ignore the popular items for the sake of being different (if it works, it works)

3 – Consider your Target Audience Carefully

Depending on the types of products and services that you offer, your audience will differ greatly. In order to create the best possible promotional product, you have to create something relevant and useful to them, – something which is going to connect with them effectively. Perhaps try something that has a direct application to your products and services, whilst being certain to create something unique.

4 – Keep an eye out for mutually Beneficial Partnership

The most successful businesses are willing and able to work in collaboration with other businesses. Of course, you wouldn’t want to partner with someone who is in direct competition with you; however, open up to the prospect of working with other people for promotional purposes (especially at events) – Document this with plenty of photos on social media, – if both companies are doing this you will instantly double your reach. A great example of this is the recent Lego/Bugatti collaboration.

5 – Don’t Let Your Promotional Products go to Waste

Naturally, you’d like to make as much money as possible when it comes to your promotional products, though primarily its about creating hype and attracting new customers to your brand. When an advertising campaign nears its end and you’re left with promotional products that will no longer be relevant, don’t just throw them in the trash! This is a unique opportunity for you to host social media competitions and give-aways.

In addition to that you must also consider the most economical and cost effect way of creating your promotion products, for example: sourcing products from China.


As a long-established product sourcing agency, we are well-versed when it comes to finding and manufacturing the best promotional products for companies all over. So, if you’re a marketing and promotions company based in China, sourcing products has never been easier. Simply get in contact with us today and we can help get your campaign off the ground.