An Innovative Outdoor Liquor Promotion Initiated By Hendricks – Why Do We Love This Concept?

In today’s marketing world and with several other brands striving to win the buyer’s attention, it is important to have an unmistakably unique identity that separates you from other brands.

Gaining loyalty from your customers requires thinking out of the box to find ways to provide convenience and satisfaction to your customers.

This is what Hendricks set out to achieve with this innovative outdoor promotion.

Establishing themselves as “a most unusual gin “, Hendricks strengthens this claim by being unusually unique with their outdoor promotion in a restaurant in Cyprus using vintage designs.

Why Do We Love This Concept?

1.   It Is Exceptional

Consumers indeed know what brands to associate with based on their branding. It is also true that branding helps companies stay on top in a very competitive market. Hendrick showed a good knowledge of these marketing truths by ensuring that everything from its drink to its outdoor promotion to its slogan would be exceptional.

Since being exceptional is a quality that extends throughout Hendrick’s products and services, it is easy for customers to differentiate them from the rest. Interestingly, Hendricks’ use of a cucumber-styled telephone in this outdoor promotion will leave an endless impression on customers of that restaurant.

2.   Extends Brand Awareness

Another reason why we love this concept is how it helps extend Hendricks’ visibility to passersby who might be hearing about the brand for the first time and also catches the eye of existing customers, ensuring they stay loyal to the brand.

3.   Inviting Design

One of the main factors that determine if any promotion will be successful is how inviting its design or packaging is. In this promotion, Hendricks managed to come up with an enticing outdoor design, decorating the green wall with beautiful ornamental plants. The design also includes cushioned chairs and the man holding a glass and Hendrick’s bottle glorifier.

All these put together work to create a warm and inviting place for customers!

4.   Engaging

Despite being relatively new in the industry as compared to other brands, Hendricks managed to show maturity with its branding. With the use of themes and pictures from the Victorian era, the brand gave all liquor lovers a vintage feel that makes them want to go back in time.

In Conclusion,

Outdoor Liquor Promotions are fascinating advertisements that engage consumers in different ways. This makes the experience unforgettable and makes it easier to remember your brand.

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