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How Interactive Kiosks Can Revolutionize Your Retail Business

Interactive kiosks are stand-alone devices that empower customers to perform tasks traditionally managed by sales personnel, such as checking product information, placing orders, and making payments. Operated via an intuitive touchscreen interface, these kiosks have become indispensable tools in the retail environment over the past decade. They have been instrumental in enhancing customer engagement, optimizing […]

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eco-friendly nike shoe

How Is Nike Using Eco-friendly Materials in Their Promotional Merchandise?

Nike, Inc. It is a big American multinational corporation that designs, develops, manufactures, markets around the globe and sells footwear, accessories and services. As of 2020, the brand is valued at over 32 billion US dollars; therefore, in the sports business, Nike is the most valuable brand and also an eco-friendly corporation. What Does Eco-friendly […]

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How to improve your sourcing process for a leaner team

Before we get stuck into the best steps for improving your strategic sourcing process, first let’s begin with a quick introduction and breakdown of strategic sourcing itself. So, what is it? Strategic sourcing is, in a nutshell, a process that impacts all facets of a business. This involves internal collaboration with suppliers, as well as […]

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