Baileys Steals the Limelight: Top 3 Marketing Hacks Behind Eurovision Sponsorship

Baileys has secured the coveted title of ‘official Eurovision Song Contest partner’ for the next three years. This marketing coup, inked for an undisclosed sum, is set to kick off with May’s Eurovision contest, hosted in the UK.

Rather than act from the usual marketing playbook, Baileys aims to shake things up with a fresh approach to promoting its cream liqueur. Here are the top 3 hacks that propelled Baileys into the limelight on the Eurovision stage:

Unleashing the Power of Emotional Storytelling

Instead of settling for the conventional promotional playbook, Baileys embraced the art of storytelling. Through emotionally charged stories, they connected deeply with Eurovision’s diverse audience. The stories weren’t just about Baileys, they were about the dreams and common experiences of Eurovision fans. By tapping into the emotional pulse of the audience, Baileys established a genuine connection with the audience.

Imagine the journey of an aspiring singer, their dreams interwoven with the Baileys’ smooth and rich notes. Baileys campaign was built on this emotional resonance, which made it possible for them to fit in with the Eurovision storyline with ease. It was about becoming a part of the dreams and aspirations that Eurovision celebrates.

Interactive Experiences

Baileys didn’t stop at traditional advertisements. They understood the value of interactive experiences in today’s digital age. Leveraging cutting-edge technology, they blurred the lines between the Eurovision spectacle on screen and the real-world enjoyment of Baileys.

Viewers were invited to participate in virtual mixology sessions, creating their own Baileys-infused cocktails inspired by Eurovision themes. The synergy between the on-screen exhibition and the sensual pleasure of a customized drink elevated the brand’s presence from being a mere spectator to an active participant in Eurovision celebrations.

Baileys encouraged a sense of co-creation by transforming viewers from passive spectators into active enthusiasts. This creative strategy not only connected with the tech-savvy Eurovision viewers but also established Baileys as a trendsetter in the field of marketing.

Authentic Collaboration

Baileys understood that authenticity is essential to effective marketing, particularly in a setting like Eurovision where genuine expression is valued. By collaborating with Eurovision artists and creators, rather than imposing their brand, they managed to create a harmonic union of creativity.

The cooperation felt natural and effortless, ranging from co-branded content to specially designed performances with a Baileys theme. Baileys became a crucial character in the Eurovision story, maintaining the event’s authenticity. This unconventional approach distinguished Baileys from traditional sponsors and created a bond with the passionate and diverse Eurovision community.


Baileys’ success with its sponsorship of the Eurovision Song Contest is proof of the creative power of marketing when it is driven by originality and authenticity.

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