Budweiser’s PerfectDraft Community Store Programme Puts Draft Beer in Reach – A Foolproof Hack to Boost Engagement?

Let’s be honest, sometimes you just want a cold, refreshing draft beer without the hassle of going to the bar or waiting for an online order. What if there was a way to get that perfect pint on demand, right from your own fridge? That’s the reality offered by innovative beer dispenser systems like PerfectDraft.

The Magic of Beer Dispensers

Beer dispensers, like PerfectDraft, are countertop appliances that allow you to enjoy draft beer at home. They function with specially designed kegs that keep the beer fresh, pressurised, and chilled to the perfect temperature.

Unlike bottled or canned beer, which can lose some of its flavour over time, draft beer dispensed from a keg maintains its optimal taste and quality. This means you can savour the true brewery experience from the comfort of your couch.

The PerfectPint: Budweiser’s Community Store Programme

This innovative spirit is evident in Budweiser‘s PerfectDraft Community Store Programme. Recognizing the growing consumer demand for draft beer at home, Budweiser has partnered with local convenience stores to make PerfectDraft even more accessible.

Here’s how the program works:

*Participating convenience stores stock PerfectDraft machines and kegs.

*Customers can conveniently purchase a PerfectDraft system and kegs from their local store.

*Once empty, kegs can be returned to the store for a refund or exchanged for a new flavour. This eliminates the hassle of online ordering and returns.

This program offers a win-win situation for both convenience stores and consumers.

3 Reasons Why This is a Foolproof Hack to Boost Engagement

Cater to Cravings, Convenience is King:

Your customers desire a hassle-free way to enjoy draft beer at home. The PerfectDraft Community Store Programme provides that solution. By offering beer dispensers like PerfectDraft in your store, you’re giving your customers the chance to grab their favourite brew and dispense it fresh on demand, without the need for online orders or special trips.

A Unique Selling Point to Set You Apart:

The crowded convenience store market demands uniqueness. Setting up something like the PerfectDraft Community Store Programme allows you to stand out from the competition. By offering this innovative product and service, you’re giving your customers a reason to choose your store over others.

Increased Sales and Repeat Business

PerfectDraft isn’t just a one-time purchase. With a variety of keg flavours available, customers will keep coming back to try new options and replenish their stock. This translates to increased sales and recurring revenue for your store.


Budweiser’s PerfectDraft Community Store Programme offers a unique and effective way to boost engagement with your customers. It provides convenience, a unique selling point, and the potential for increased sales and customer loyalty.

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