Captivate Customers’ Admiration With Any Of These Enticing Gifts For The Chinese Rabbit New Year Season

New years are beautiful moments in our lives where we celebrate life and all the beautiful things we had the previous year and the wonderful things we anticipate. However, that we don’t get to celebrate New year every day makes it the more reason we need to celebrate each one we are grateful to witness in a grande style! 

On this note, we are so elated and our moods are swinging along with the beats of the forthcoming season – Chinese New Year 2023!

The long-anticipated season is finally here and it is an exciting season for brand and business owners to strengthen their ties with their customers. You know customers can’t wait to celebrate the fortune, happiness and good luck of the previous year.

Hence, customers in large numbers would be shopping for this season and this time is a great ample opportunity for brands to boost their sales with their lunar new year campaign. 

This is why we brought you some clues to promoting your business this season. Let’s unravel these clues with the guides below together!

Our Top Deals Of Year Of The Rabbit Gifts

Below is a list of lunar promotional ideas you can use to ramp up your sales in the Chinese New Year Rabbit festival;

Phone Pop Socket

Apart from being durable, it is customizable. It is a small, circular device that can be fastened to the back of phones or tablets, which makes it easy for watching videos or playing games.

It can also serve as a firm grip to hold some gadgets like phones so that they don’t drop while making calls or chatting. 

Electronic Gift Set

The importance of power in charging our electronic gadgets can not be overemphasized.

Since phones are a general commodity used by all and sundry, promoting your sales with a power bank is highly recommended and commendable. 

Apart from the practical use of this gift, it is a good commodity for customizing and imprinting your brand’s logo.

Customized Pin Badges

The quirky and outstanding features of customized pin badges make it the perfect glitter for your outfit and wardrobe!

They come so much in handy as jotters, souvenirs for meetings, and seminars and also a reminder for walking events and serve as a positive reinforcer for customers.

Custom Shape USB Flash Drive

Getting your customers a flash drive for the New Year can be a wonderful way to start the New Year.

Though small as it appears, the use is an advantage that outweighs its size. It is portable, customizable and incentivizing.

Red Packet


Red packets, occasionally called hong bao, are pouch consisting of money that are mainly gifted as surprise packages in China.

Sustainable Sock Slippers

Sock slippers are one of the best, economic gifts you can give to your customers. It is gender-friendly and can be styled and customized befittingly. 

Remember, you can send in your lunar gifts alongside delicious mooncakes, super exciting custom direct mails, and in-store redemption gifts and the list is inexhaustible.

To Wrap It Up, 

Celebrate your customers in the most outstanding way to leave an unforgettable experience in their minds which in turn propagated your business.

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Vacations, holidays and festivals are the perfect moments to reach a great audience to market your product and to be grateful for the patronage of the last season.

We at UCT (ASIA) bring to you the love of the good tidings with our promotional strategies and tips. Let’s work together to give your customers the best this season with our advertising, marketing, promotional, and designing services.

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