Mamont’s Vodka Creates A Buzz In France With Its Glorious Marketing Display

Due to the continuous rise in competition in the spirit and beverage industry, it has become very important for brands to employ creative ways to attract customers and subsequently stand out amongst the crowd.

In this post, we’ll be featuring an exciting in-store display that caught our attention. From the products to the in-store promotional display, Mamont’s vodka in this glorious marketing campaign creates a buzz in France.

What Secrets Can We Learn From Mamont Vodka’s Marketing?

It is our style to feature the best and most exhilarating promotional products and strategies we come across. And this amazing marketing strategy by Mamont is no exception!

We believe that Mamont’s promotional activity can inspire you to create your own amazing marketing campaign that will help boost your sales and brand recognition. Here are some lessons you can pick from them.

1.   Utilize Creative Displays

The importance of creative in-store POS displays in marketing can not be overlooked. They make it easy for brands to attract new customers and stand out in the ever-competitive market. Powerful displays allow more space for branding.

And that’s what we love about Mamont’s in-store display. Not only does it have a clean and elegant look, but this amazing display also embodies the brand’s colours of white and gold. Also, Mamont’s use of cardboard for the setup makes it easier to print and design the display.

2.   Invest In Bottle Neckers

Bottle neckers are ideal for hosting promotional contests. But that’s not all they can do. They can also be used to give necessary information about a particular product.

Similarly, bottle neckers can also be used to share historical and cultural details of the brand. Therefore, using bottle neckers is a clever strategy to employ.

3.   Event Sponsorship Matters

Sponsoring events is another effective way to secure more loyal customers and expand your brand. And Mamont understands this, which is why they’ve sponsored some big events in recent times.

You may also replicate this strategy by sponsoring local events before expanding to bigger ones as you grow. You may choose to offer branded event products or alcohol items such as drinking glasses to help boost your brand’s reach.

4.   Bottle Designs Are Important

How well your product is packaged plays a crucial role in convincing buyers to make a purchase. When your packaging fails to meet the required standard, customers are likely to ignore the product.

Liquor bottle designs are more than for decorations, they also help contribute to your branding. Hence, you should always consider a creative bottle design for your drink products.

In Conclusion,

Even with the rise of digital marketing, you can’t dismiss the importance of promoting your brand in the physical market. And Mamont proves that. Indeed, its excellent products, creative displays, and bottle designs make Mamont’s marketing campaign a success.

If you’re looking to carry out any of these important marketing strategies, we’re available to help you achieve your goals. We can help you plan and create the perfect in-store display ideas and the ideal promotional products for your brand.

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