Muller’s Pot Still – A Flawless Point of Purchase For Your Business in October!

The liquor industry is very competitive. So getting noticed inside shopping stores where several other similar products are displayed could prove a difficult task. Therefore, it’s important to continuously seek new and creative ways to display your products and catch the attention of your customers.

This is where Müller’s innovative idea comes in – a pot still POP display.

What’s a pot still, you may ask? A pot still is an essential apparatus used for distilling drinks such as brandy or whisky. Produced from copper, pot stills are designed in different sizes and shapes.

On our recent trip to Germany, we came across incredible in-store advertisements from various brands in different industries. Of these remarkable promotions, Müller’s elegant pot still POP display in the drinks section stood out.

What We Learnt From This POP Display

1.   Innovative Strategy

When you walk into a display store, all you usually see are already-manufactured promotional products. Hence, by using the pot still as a point-of-purchase display, Müller successfully thrills the customers with the process of producing their favourite liquor brand. This enhances their experience and gives them a different feel from shopping online.

2.   Effortlessly Draws Attention

A POP display is aimed at achieving one major thing, which is to grab people’s attention in a usually competitive in-store section. Muller’s pot still Point of Purchase display possesses a striking appearance that cannot be ignored. Its distinctive design, size, and shape make it a natural attention grabber.

Furthermore, since it’s larger than the product packaging, this display gives them an edge over competitors as it stands out and is easily noticed.

3.   Enhanced Brand Perception

There’s a link between your brand, your products, and the design of your display. However, you have only one opportunity to create a positive first impression of your brand, and that is through your POP display.

While innovative displays like the pop still are usually associated with the product and then, the brand, poorly designed and duplicative displays leave shoppers with a less impressive perception of your brand.

4.   Introduction of Quick Response Code

A closer look at the custom POP display revealed a smart integration – A QR Code. The code when scanned leads shoppers to the official website of the brand where there’s more information about the brand and its products.

With this brilliant strategy, Müller not only provides an easy way to connect with customers but also effectively promotes customer engagement without doing too much.

In Conclusion,

Müller took liquor marketing to a different creative level with this innovative display, elevating the area and giving shoppers a remarkable in-store experience.

How Can UCT (Asia) Help?

Do you want to replicate Müller’s innovative POP display? Would you love to create other outstanding in-store displays for your brand? Then, UCT (Asia) is the perfect choice for you.

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