Starbucks Mug And Tote Bag Giveaway – 4 Indigenous Marketing Benefits For You

One of the most productive methods of marketing your brand is by investing in promotional products. This method has now become a very popular and effective way of making your clients feel appreciated.

Using branded mugs and tote bags as promotional items is not a new strategy in marketing, as it has proven over time to be an effective brand exposure method. UCT(Asia) thought of crafting an impeccable promotional merchandise and thus; Starbucks mug and totebad was designed.

Starbucks’ usage of customized tote bags and mugs as promotional products indicates they understand the importance of reusable items which generate little waste.

Benefits of using custom promotional tote bags and mugs to market your brand

There are numerous reasons why investing in promotional tote bags and mugs is perfect for your brand or business; however, here are 4 indigenous marketing benefits that will convince you to do so:

1.   They leave lasting impressions

Mugs and tote bags are essential home items. Hence, giving away quality mugs and tote bags to your clients will leave them with a good feeling about your brand or business. 

Resourceful household items like mugs and tote bags can also get new and potential customers to be interested and want to know more about what your brand can offer.

As was proven in a statistic that states that promotional mugs and tote bags leave about 198 impressions every month, using these items will create a fantastic first impression and increase the likelihood of the customer having faith in your brand.

2.   Guarantees recognition

As a brand, you want your business to gain recognition and awareness. However, this grows increasingly difficult to attain as new competitions keep emerging. This is where customized promotional tote bags and mugs come in. These items can help your brand gain more recognition.

With a clever design especially on the tote bags, people will use these items frequently and will automatically become walking billboards for your brand.

3.   They are friendly to the environment

You are not just giving your customers presents when you use tote bags as your choice promotional item, you are also ensuring that the environment is kept safe. These renewable items are friendly to our ecosystem because they’re made from and recycled, eco-friendly materials.

4.   Ensures increased rate of return

Using customized  promotional mugs and shopping bags will guarantee you double the value. First, they will serve their purpose of valuable gifts to your clients and highlight their importance to your brand. This will make them seek out your products or services when next they need something from your niche.

Furthermore, when they use these branded tote bags and mugs, they inadvertently will help your brand gain more awareness and make other people curious. As a result of this, they will be more likely to patronize you when they need a service you render or a product you sell.

In the end,

Do you desire a quick and useful strategy that will promote your brand? Then, don’t hesitate to use these cost-effective promotional freebies.

Also, with several years in the spirits and beverage industry, UCT(Asia) is well placed with the right techniques and partners required to manufacture promotional products that will give your brand a cost-effective marketing boost.

So, contact us to create your customized campaign today!

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