Unforgettable Shopping Experience: How Cadbury’s Laser-Engraved Bars Took London Heathrow Airport by Storm!

Airport Duty-Free stores are a wild place. It is a competitive retail environment where travellers are spoilt with many options. As a result of this fierce marketing competition, brands must ensure to employ marketing strategies that are not just effective but also unique.

In a bid to succeed in such a competitive marketing environment, we’ve seen brands creatively outdo themselves with innovative packaging, all sorts of digital displays, and quality products. But just when we thought we had seen it all, Cadbury surfaces with yet another incredible launch campaign which is a combination of high-level digital innovation, luxurious packaging, and delicious chocolate.

In this post, we’ll explore Cadbury’s laser-engraved bars launch and the secrets behind the success of the launch. So, let’s get started!

The Launch of Cadbury’s Laser-Engraved Bars

When we visited the stores at London Heathrow Airport, we were wowed by the creativity and attention to detail put into the branding and marketing of Cadbury Limited Edition Bars.

The launch campaign, which celebrates the brand’s British heritage, recorded a complete sale of all the bars within fourteen days of the launch!

3 Secrets Behind the Success of Cadbury’s Campaign Launch

We love success stories and do our best to uncover the secrets behind successful marketing campaigns. We’ll do the same for Cadbury’s campaign. So, without further ado, here are four marketing secrets from this successful campaign launch.

1. Interactive Visual Displays are Important

The importance of visual displays in travel retail stores cannot be overemphasized. In fact, while employing a static display is good, using an interactive visual display can make all the difference.

We saw this with Cadbury’s immersive screens. The digital display effectively drew customers’ attention with its engaging content and highlighted the sophistication of the product. Cadbury’s display, which provided customers with a visually captivating shopping experience, was undoubtedly a masterstroke.

2. Create A Buzz With Your Packaging

Packaging goes beyond keeping the product safe. It can impact customers’ perception of the product. This is the bigger picture!

Cadbury packaged its chocolate bar in a purple, gold-embossed box. The box, which pays homage to the British heritage of the confectionery brand, features a skyline of some of the famous sights of London. The packaging creates a sense of luxury and sophistication about the product and piques shoppers’ curiosity.

3. Deliver Quality

Perhaps the most important lesson from this campaign launch is that Cadbury maintained its excellence and creativity down to the main product — the laser-engraved chocolate bars.

The bars offer an element of surprise as consumers unbox the packaging, featuring a detailed engravement of images.  These bars generated massive buzz in-store, ultimately leading to the sell-out within days.

In a Nutshell

Cadbury’s collaboration with Mondelez to launch the laser-engraved bars at Heathrow was a success for many reasons. However, the quality of the product offered, the captivating display, and the eye-catching packaging are the primary reasons behind the huge success.

Harnessing Our Creativity

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