Top 4 Marketing Secrets About The Brilliant Cadbury Retail Display In Grocery Stores – Let’s Unravel Them Together!

It can be sometimes frustrating to watch how customers react to in-store displays. You try to be engaging and creative, but they walk right past your carefully arranged products without even taking a glance at them.

So what can you do to attract customers, boost engagement and increase sales?  You can improve your display and capitalise on the allure of in-store shopping.

In this feature, we’ll be unraveling 4 tips used by Cadbury to improve their product display in grocery stores and how your brand can do the same.

Top 4 Marketing Secrets About This Brilliant Cadbury Retail Display

1.   Choose The Right Location

A good location is crucial to the success of your in-store display. Good locations ensure easy access, attract customers, and potentially increase sales. Even minor differences in location can significantly impact your display.

This custom POS display was placed near the cashiers, at the front of the candy aisle. By strategically placing them in locations that encourage impulse buying, Cadbury can boost their visibility and increase sales.

2.   Customisablity

There’s no limitation to the type of materials you can use for your retail display. You can use plastic, wood, metal, or like Cadbury, you can use cardboard.

Also, ensure that your decision is not based only on your budget but also on long-term usage. However, Cadbury used a less expensive material because the product was a limited edition. This is the beauty of this retail display by Cadbury, it is both customisable and effective.

Here at UCT (ASIA), We can create something for you that fits your in-store marketing budget and needs.

3.   Branding

Branding is simply giving your products or displays an identity. When done properly, your products will stand out against what a competitor offers.

Decorated in a stunning shade of purple, the brand’s signature colour, this display is an excellent representation of Cadbury’s branding. Surely, you can’t miss it as a Cadbury fan.

Furthermore, this display was aimed at promoting their limited edition Dairy Milk Durian, so the pictures of durians on the display will draw attention and help engage customers.

4.   Use Good Lighting

Part of what makes your display a success is your lighting. Good lighting makes your display welcoming and accessible to customers. It also allows your customers to relax, become comfortable and be excited enough to purchase from you.

Cadbury’s lighting perfectly amplifies the display and gives customers an exciting time shopping with them.

In Conclusion,

Displays in grocery stores can significantly increase brand awareness and sales. They might look common, but these tips are important for achieving success with your display.

Branding and display placement will give your brand a competitive edge. In the end, remember that a well-executed marketing campaign can do wonders for your brand’s performance.

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